Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

$4.80 $6

A beautiful range of natural blended organic loose leaf teas handmade with love.

Fresh and flavoursome, if you are a tea lover like us you will enjoy Wildflower’s lovely taste, aroma and it’s hidden health benefits that many of its ingredients provide!

Perfect to sip and enjoy whilst you relax.

Eco Conscious Product:

Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea has ditched the tea-bag.

Many commercial tea-bags contain hidden plastics. 

Annette from Wildflower hand makes all her batches of tea and seals them in cute little paper pouches that can be recycled. Eliminating all those single use teabags.

We think your tea tastes fresher and lasts longer when it is infused directly in your teapot.

We hope you love this product!

*Sample sizes available ONLY until our next restock.

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