Plastic Free July

Welcome to July! (We know, this year is going so quick!)

This month we are bringing attention to the sustainable mission that is PLASTIC FREE JULY.

This is your chance to really have a look at how much plastic you have in your life and household day to day and make some changes for the better.

By reducing the amount of single use plastics we consume and throw away, we can make a greater contribution to a cleaner environment and a happier place for our wildlife.

All you have to do is: Refuse Single Use Plastics.

How Can I Participate?

• Buy less plastic/ plastic packaged goods. Opt for a bulk food shop and store things in reusable containers or jars.

• Swap plastic grocery bags for an eco friendly cloth tote bag. (Go a step further and use cloth produce bags also) Be prepared and keep a set in your car too!

• Say no to plastic straws, plastic bottles, coffee cups, single use cutlery. Instead opt for your own reusable versions and take them along with you.

• Recycle properly. Waste can either be Avoided, Recycled or Composted. Firstly, try to avoid excessive waste and make better choices. Paper, cardboard, bottles, cans and jars can be recycled according to label instructions. All your food scraps, kitty litter, coffee grounds, shredded documents, dog poo, and organic matter can be popped into your compost bin. 

• Look in your bathroom for a moment. Disposable razor? Soap bottle? Sanitary items? Toothbrush? Makeup Wipes? These can all be swapped out for: Reusable Eco Razor, Soap Bar, Biodegradable Sanitary Products/ Menstrual Cup or Period Underwear. Use a Bamboo Toothbrush with Natural fibre bristles so it can be recycled once it’s old. Cleanse your face with a cotton, hemp or bamboo cloth.

• Say no to balloons. A beautiful party statement also looks like a beautiful jellyfish to hungry marine life. Unfortunately balloons that float away don’t go to outer space (that would be cool) instead they drift back down and often land in the ocean.

• Pick up any trash you see! It may not be yours, but you can make an effort and eliminate the waste from your local beach, park and footpaths. 

Plastic Free July is a month long initiative, but it doesn’t end there. Being more conscious and sustainable is a lifestyle everyday of the year.

We are all about the long term!

So please, let’s all do our bit for our beautiful planet and say no to plastic. Good Luck!

You can visit the Plastic Free July Website via the below link for more information.

We have created a PLASTIC FREE JULY BINGO to help you take the challenge. Save the poster and tick each square off as you go!


Be Kind.