Bee Friendly

We all know that spending time in nature is good for our soul and for our wellbeing. It helps keep us grounded and connected to the tune of Mother Earth.

Bees are a special part of our environment, they are ‘pollinators’ which means they transfer pollen from plant to plant to ensure the growth, spreading and survival of our trees, plants, flowers, fruit and vegetable crops.

They may be tiny, but they are essential to maintaining our Flora. In turn, helping human survival in a complex ecosystem.

Our beautiful friends made us a Bee Hive for our garden so all our busy bees and critters have a little home. We think it’s such a great idea!

You could do something like this too! Create a little garden bed or veggie patch in a corner of your yard, plant some native flowering trees, herbs, or plant some bee friendly flowers that are rich in nectar.

The bees will pollinate your vegetables and herbs and you will be giving them a healthy and biodiverse environment that they can thrive in.

Plus it is a bit cool to watch your busy bees hard at work buzzing around in the garden.


Be Kind.