We have been looking at ways to reduce waste, be more sustainable and recycle as a business.

One thing that keeps popping up for us is packaging!

We already send your mail in compostable bags from The Better Packaging Co & Hero Packaging, which you sound very happy with!

But it’s also what’s inside that counts.

Whilst some of our more fragile products still require a little bubble wrap, and others a little sticky tape, we have been finding more beneficial and eco friendly ways to gift wrap your orders so we can reduce single-use plastics.

This includes recycled boxes and paper!

All the boxes and paper packaging that we receive our wholesale orders in from our partnered brands are kept and reused and given a second life.

And yes you may open your mail bags and see a shoe box for example or another box totally unrelated to your order.

As we move away from bubble wrap, your fragile items may be wrapped in eco paper, recycled tissue paper or newspaper from time to time.

Don’t fret! The contents are correct and your beautiful items are enclosed.

We are trying our best to reduce our carbon footprint as a business and also utilise materials and give them another purpose before they get thrown away.

By doing this we are doing our bit and hopefully inspiring you as our customers to do the same!


Our Takeaway Sustainable Tips:

•If you shred your paper, you can compost it. Moisten the paper and add to your compost bin.

•If you have a big box, add some dirt and flower seeds for a DIY planter box. Bees will love it!

•Use your boxes for storage in your pantry for either onions and potatoes or use in your laundry for pegs and soaps etc.


Be Kind x