10 Questions With Influential Women- Jackie Morgan of Eunoia Soul Rituals

We talk to Owner and Founder Jackie Morgan of Eunoia Soul Rituals, about her beautiful skincare brand and some of her own tips and advice.


1. Introduce yourself, Please tell us all about what do you do?

Hi! my name is Jackie and I'm a holistic nutritionist BHSc (Nut Med) and founder of Eunoia Soul Rituals. Eunoia is a brand that fuses skincare with soul rituals to turn your morning routine into a mindfulness practice. We're all about helping women create a compassion based ritual with their skin care to start every day with a little positivity. 


2. What led you to creating Eunoia Soul Rituals?

My own skin journey played a large role! I had troublesome skin for a number of years and the thoughts I would think when looking in the mirror were incredibly negative. I would hate to see my own reflection. The first step I took in healing my skin was to change those morning mirror conversations. Once I was at peace with what I saw, everything changed. 


3. How do you emphasise Chemical-Free Living?

I'm really careful of what I put on my skin and what foods I eat. Going through my nutrition degree, I was shocked at how many chemicals are in the products that we consume and apply each day! I'm mindful to avoid as many numbers and preservatives as I can.  


4. x1 beauty hack/ tip you’ve learnt?

Using a face mist before applying a serum - game changer! 


5. Favourite Intention/ Affirmation? 

I am divinely guided 🌟


6. 2-3 of your fave go-to natural skincare products?

I love the Eunoia Ascension Ritual Gel Cleanser - it's been so healing for my skin! It's a mix of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich superfoods. 

The Eco Tan by Sonya Driver Face tan water is incredible. I use it 2-3 times a week and have since it launched. 


7. What advice would you give to women who want to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin?

Change the way you speak to yourself. In the beginning, it can feel really corny to say loving words to yourself. For some reason beating up ourselves comes a lot more naturally! But overtime, trying to create a new normal where you only speak kind words to your reflection is something that I believe is really important. 


8. How can we be more mindful of our relationship with Mother Earth?

For me, using mother earths gifts in our skincare is one way I honour her. Getting out in nature and feeling gratitude for your surroundings is another one. 


9. Favourite animal?

Dogs! My family has 3 labradoodles and we're obsessed. 


10. Eco-Conscious tip?

beeswax wraps are an easy, affordable and sustainable alternative to plastic. We make our own and it's so simple!


Thankyou so much for talking to us Jackie!
You can purchase some of her beautiful Journey Packs via our website.

And you can see more of the wonderful things she is up to at IG: @eunoiasoulrituals 
W: https://eunoiasoulrituals.com/