10 Questions With Influential Women- Chloe McCarthy from Moora Moora Petsitting

We chat to Chloe from Moora Moora Petsitting about her beautiful business, Plant Power & Self Love!

1. Introduce yourself, Please tell us your lovely story behind Moora Moora Petsitting?

I'm Chlo, the owner of Moora Moora Petsitting. This is my passion project, a part time side hustle to my day job. I've always been an animal lover and helped where I can with family and friends who need pet care. Moora Moora really took off last year after the loss of my German Shepherd Slade. A dear friend of mine had multiple holidays booked and asked if I could look after her gorgeous Australian Shepherd dog and cat. I used this as a way to deal with grief and felt this was something I could pursue. The rest is history.

2. What does the name Moora Moora mean?

Moora Moora comes from my indigenous language meaning good spirit. It's how i approach all my services and make sure all animals are loved and happy while in my care.

3. Any tips for those of us with furry friends?

The main ones I've been preaching lately are around communication. Your pets can sense your emotions and will react accordingly. For example, if you're anxious about taking your dog out in public, your dog may in turn become anxious and act out. Most times they will go into protect mode and bark at anything that approaches you and them. Be mindful of your emotions and body when approaching your pet.

Dogs are social creatures and enjoy being a part of a pack. The way dogs communicate are through body language. Understand the difference between the various ways your dog communicates - look at their tail, back, ears, mouth. They will tell you what they are feeling. A playful lunge when seeing another dog is not a lunge for an aggressive attack. A tail in the air can mean alertness or excitedness, not that they will attack.

4. We hear you’re Vegan? Please tell us more!

I was vegan for quite some time. I think it's safe to say I'm more plant based now. There was a time I was completely vegan. It was due to health reasons. I found animal products where not agreeing with my stomach, skin and menstrual cycle. When I completely removed animal products the symptons subsided. I am still 90% vegan now but do have the occasional eggs, cheese or yoghurt. My health has been much better and my body craved some more protein products that weren’t super full of fibre.

There are the obviously ethical beliefs tied to how I eat these days and how I have eaten in the past, but they weren't the reasons I initially turned to plant based eating. I don't tend to preach about my ways. For me, I wish to have a minimal impact to animal consumption. The meat and dairy industries have a large impact not only on the inhumane treatment of animals but the environment. The amount of water and land used for farming is huge and we dont need as much of the dairy and meat as they try to make us  believe.

5. How do you emphasise Waste Conscious Living?

There are several things implemented in my household. We have a compost which we use in our worm homes in our garden. We reuse jars for food storage or for planting out little cuttings for our garden. We collect rain water and shower water to water our gardens. We look for opportunities to recycle and repurpose goods.

6. Favourite Intention/ Affirmation?

"Your focus determines your reality"

7. 2-3 of your fave go-to natural skincare products?

Not really products you can buy but I have an aloe vera plant in my backyard which does wonders for me, especially particularly aggravated areas. I also have pumice stones I have collected from the beach which has been the single best thing I have added to my skin care routine. My acne has not been the same since.

8. What advice would you give to women who want to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin?

Wake up each morning and think about everything you love and appreciate and everything you are grateful for. Then take time to affirm things you wish to believe about yourself. This 10-15 min practice each day will build so much confidence. Trust me.

This practice is something I've learned during my own personal development journey with Lioness Love Tribe.

9. How can we be more mindful of our relationship with Mother Earth?

I think we need to remember that every small action, no matter how small you think it may be, adds up over time. You may not think you're making a difference, but you are. Use the green shopping bags, start a compost, find ways to limit water use and recycle water, see rubbish on the ground - pick it up! recycle and upcycle! It all makes a difference and mother earth will be thankful.

10. Tip to de-stress?

For me, the best thing I did was start a garden. I can be having the most stressful day and I’ll come home, go out to my garden and feel a sense of relief. It grounds me, connects me to country and reminds me that it's the little things in life that make it worthwhile. Just being and being grateful for all that mother nature has to offer.


Thankyou so much Chloe for sharing some soulful tips and advice with us.

You can find out more about Moora Moora Petsitting via IG: @mooramoorapetsitting 


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